Food Waste

  • Food Donation Program with Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support

Landfill Diversion

  • Offer “no drink” and “no dip” options as opposed to automatic inclusion
  • Through our Grease Recycling Initiative we recycle ~11M pounds of used cooking oil annually, which is equivalent to 1,500+ cars off the road each year*

*Based on 2021 Grease Recycling Initiative.


Sustainable Uniform Program

  • Unveiled in November 2021, Wingstop is launching a new uniform program, which features an array of clothing made from recycled plastic water bottles.
  • Based on Wingstop’s anticipated order volume and usage, the brand estimates more than two million plastic water bottles will be recycled to make the new clothing.

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Diversity & Inclusion

  • We conducted Unconscious bias training for all corporate Team Members.
  • Member of the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance Group.
  • Member of the Women's Foodservice Forum, an organization dedicated to the advancement of female leaders in the food industry.
  • CONFE program in Wingstop Mexico which employs team members with disabilities in an inclusive environment

Employee Engagement

  • We were certified a Great Place to Work & have been one of the Best & Brightest companies to work for in the Dallas- Fort Worth metro area.
  • Our team members' wellbeing is one of our main focuses, and as such we provide a variety of resources so they can thrive, including a competitive benefits package, wellness weeks, gym reimbursement, short term disability, life insurance and paid parental leave.
  • Team member development - Talent readiness is a key business priority for our leadership team.
  • We meet quarterly with our "Speak your Flavor" Series which serves as an opportunity to allow all Team Members a safe space to talk with peers.


The Wingstop Way is a key to Wingstop’s success and includes a core value system of being Authentic, Entrepreneurial, Service-minded and Fun. This value system extends to our ESG platform as we serve our guests, team members and franchisees, shareholders, supplier partners and the communities in which we do business.

Mindful of our footprint

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Recycled Fryer Oil

For use in animal feed or biodiesel fuel

Job opportunities provided by Wingstop & our brand partners icon
High Efficiency Equipment

Kitchen equipment1 is high efficiency and/or ENERGY STAR® rated

Unconscious bias training for corporate team members icon
LED Lighting

Specified in restaurants

Highly ENgaged WOrkforce

Team member engagement icon

Team member engagement2

Job opportunities provided by Wingstop & our brand partners icon

Job opportunities created by Wingstop & our franchisees3

Unconscious bias training for corporate team members icon

Unconscious bias training for corporate team members4

Positive impact in our communities

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Organizations received grant funding from Wingstop Charities5

Job opportunities provided by Wingstop & our brand partners icon

Meals provided by Wingstop & franchisees to frontline workers and first responders6

Unconscious bias training for corporate team members icon

Relief and grant funding provided to communities and team members in need through Wingstop Charities and Wingstop Foundation7

  1. Includes fryers, water heaters and line refrigeration
  2. 2023 result as measured by a third-party benchmarking survey
  3. Since Wingstop IPO, based on number of openings
  4. Implemented in 2020 as part of Wingstop's corporate team memeber training program
  5. In 2022
  6. 2020 effort by Wingstop and franchisees
  7. Since 2016

Wingstop’s Global Supplier Code of Conduct

The Wingstop Way
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  • Not Taking Ourselves Too Seriously
  • Celebrate Success
  • Positive Energy; Passion For What You Do

Service Minded

  • Anticipate Guest Needs & Proactively Fill Them
  • Treat Others As They Want To Be Treated
  • Exceed Expectations: WOW
  • Collaborative Approach


  • No Politics
  • Promote Passion for Flavor & Authenticity In Our Food
  • Bring Your Whole Self to Work
  • Demonstrate Sincerity In Your Actions


  • Take Measured Risks
  • Think Outside of the Box
  • Act Swiftly
  • Question Status Quo
  • Make Decisions with Ownership Mindset

Our Mission:To Serve the World Flavor

To Serve:

  • Deliver world-class guest experience
  • Provide the Wingstop Family an opportunity to grow and prosper
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Give back to our communities

The World:

  • Global Support Center
  • Franchisees
  • Guests
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • Community
  • The Wingstop Family


Flavor As Food

  • Craft
  • Crave
  • Fresh
  • Authentic

Flavor As Life

  • Emotional
  • Convivial
  • Fun
  • Connected

Our Path Forward

Focus areas as we aim to become a better global citizen and advance our sustainability efforts including:

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Continue to foster and promote a diverse and inclusive environment within our organization. Focus on our hiring processes to continue to hire talent from a diverse pool

waste audit icon
   Discover opportunities to minimize food waste by leveraging our partnerships upstream in our supply chain
bias training icon

Expand unconscious bias training to non-corporate team members and franchisees

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Continue to amplify the local efforts of our franchisees in their communities through Wingstop Charities

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Partnering with our supplier partners to progress dialogue on diversity and inclusion and leverage best practices